PORK...boig per tu is a local cuisine proposal based on local and organic products. We have our own production without intermediaries. We worship the pig.

The Space

PORK is located in the heart of the Born neighbourhood, just behind the Barcelona fish market, in a place with a lot of history, a witness to the neighbourhood’s artisan past.

A unique space transformed by Txema Retana, with a large pig hanging from the ceiling, created by the brilliant artist Mikel Urmeneta.

Consolat de Mar 15,
08003, Barcelona
Bookings: +34 679 20 20 40


Opening hours: 

Monday to friday from 13:00 to 00:00

Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 00:00

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From the Land to the Table

At PORK we have our own production: the vegetable garden, animal husbandry, our wheat/cereals and natural cheeses.

We work together with the Rovira family, who raise their own livestock in the village of Sagàs to the highest quality standards. At the Cal Rovira workshop they prepare, using centuries-old recipes, all the artisan charcuterie products, and they cultivate their own land to produce GMO free vegetables.

The products arrive at our restaurant directly, without intermediaries, and we cook them ourselves at the time, an origin cuisine, from the land to the table.

The Kitchen

The open kitchen, totally traditional, is dominated by fire thanks to our y-Rational wood-fired oven. We have no cooker, we only work with the fire of the oven and the grill.

We work the different parts of the pork marinated and roasted, each one at the right point to enjoy all its qualities to the maximum. A local cuisine treated with patience and without haste.

On the shelves hang our handmade sausages, ready to slice and enjoy with our bread and tomato. And to accompany them, the great classics of our cuisine: the escalivada, the bean of the hook needle or the codonyat aioli.

Cuisine without intermediaries and with local product as the main protagonist.

The Beer

Txapeldun Pale Ale is our craft beer. We brew our own unfiltered pale ale with our friends from Whym (Girona), inspired by those beers we learned to make with Steve Huxley, pioneer of craft beer in Barcelona.

Old Liverpool yeast, lupulin flower hops and top quality malts.

The Terrace

Our terrace, located in a unique location, welcomes you at the entrance of the Born, the trendy, multicultural and gastronomic district. A very special place to enjoy outdoors from our classic #pulledpork to a moonlit dinner in Barcelona.

The ideal place to start the day with a vermouth or simply a can of Pepperettes, our exclusive can food from the Rias Baixas. Perfect for delving into the world of pork and discovering an infinite number of new flavours.


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